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Benefits Of Cryptocurrency -12 Reasons to use cryptocurrency this year

The benefits of cryptocurrency have been discovered recently. This was discovered in 2009 when Bitcoin was born. One of the main draws of Bitcoin and benefits of cryptocurrency is there is no one governing body moderating them.

Cryptocurrency happens individually and intentionally, without the middleman. We will look at other benefits of cryptocurrency in the following 12 reasons below

  1. Interactions with Cryptocurrency are uncomplicated

It is not a public affair when people make cryptocurrency deals. It is only between them. These deals are not expensive and are not complicated. You can use any type of technology to make a cryptocurrency deal. It is not only for the elite to make deals using cryptocurrency. The accessibility of the proceedings is one of the benefits of cryptocurrency.

Users can purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum at a Bitcoin ATM. You don’t need a bank account to access cryptocurrency. It would be relatively simple to buy Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM. All you would need to do is buy the Bitcoin with cash and then the Bitcoin could be transferred directly to their iPhone. If someone can’t work with a regular bank account for some reason, this is the best option for them to use and one of the benefits of cryptocurrency.

  1. Awesome Safety Features

Cryptography and blockchain security are not centralized, and so they allow other cryptocurrencies to be less of a risk to security when used. Some people think this is one of the best reasons to use cryptocurrency. Safety is certainly one of the best benefits of cryptocurrency that you could recommend to your friends.

Hash rate is what finalizes the way crypto security works. If the hash rate is high, it would take a lot of effort to mess with the system. Bitcoin contains the highest hash rate and so is the safest crypto network to use at this moment in time. The usual reason why crypto negotiations get interrupted is that someone makes an error or that a deal gets hacked.

  1. Reasonably Price and Reasonable Wait Times

Sometimes people only want to put their money in cryptocurrency because of the way their money may increase from it, but others want to put their money in so they can make good deals with good outcomes. Deals using Bitcoin or Ether could be expensive or could be reasonable. The deals for most cryptocurrencies happen quickly. These cryptocurrency deals can happen faster than a regular bank deal or transfer.

  1. The Industry is Growing Tremendously

Cryptocurrency has grown tremendously and faster than most living people have ever viewed or experienced. If you are involved with cryptocurrency, it is a similar experience to when people were involved with the internet at the beginning of the internet experience 20-30 years ago.


The market of cryptocurrency has also been rising tremendously. One of the benefits of cryptocurrency is that it’s a new horizon to explore that seems to be traveling up higher and higher.

  1. Huge Benefits of Cryptocurrency

What crypto has performed the best for 12 years? Bitcoin is the answer you’re looking for. Bitcoin began as a worthless entity and it slowly rose to the successful cryptocurrency that it is now.

Other cryptos have done better than Bitcoin occasionally. However, some that did better than Bitcoin for a little while, dropped significantly as time went on.

Benefits Of Cryptocurrency

6. Privacy Remains Central

One of the benefits of cryptocurrency is privacy. However, there remains a tracker on every deal that’s made through blockchains. So, while privacy is a perk for the most part, privacy could become a concern if someone does some digging. It is possible to make a deal under a anonymous name.

There are some complicated tricks to the trade that one can do to remain extra private, however, most of these are too complicated for the everyday crypto user. Cryptocurrency remains on a higher level of privacy than other current options.

7. Variety Within Portfolios

Cryptocurrency doesn’t follow the same trends as other financial entities, such as the stockmarket. It does not rely on the same outside sources. It is different than the regular portfolio and marches to the beat of its own drum. Although, occasionally crypto does match up with some of the other financial entities.

8. Protection from Inflation

One of the benefits of cryptocurrencies is that it protects from inflation because there is a limited supply of crypto. You cannot print more crypto in the same way that the government prints more money. Because many people are interested in using their money on cryptocurrency, crypto is more likely to continue to rise.

9. Transactions Across Borders

Unlike the banking system, cryptocurrency does not pay attention to borders. THere is not a struggle to get money across borders when you are trying to pay someone in a different country.

If you used the regular financial avenues, it might take a while to get money across a national border.

Sometimes, due to issues between countries, you may not even be able to get money across borders using the traditional methods.

10. Inclusion Cryptocurrency

Some people cannot use regular financial avenues. In that case, the untraditional method of using cryptocurrency comes in handy. THere are not restrictions as to who can use the cryptocurrency method. A user does not need permission to use cryptocurrency. (However, China has banned Bitcoinm, so keep that in mind). Many people today do not use a regular banking system and need access to a different financial system. Cryptocurrency allows for these people to access finance in a new way using something as simple as their phone.



11. Do What You Wish

There is freedom in using cryptocurrency. That is one of the big benefits of cryptocurrency that people enjoy. There is no need for a third-party to monitor deals. Banks have the authority to take away people’s banking rights. This is a problem for people who live in countries where the government is dictatorial or otherwise.

12. Continuous Use

If you want to use regular banking and financial systems, then you will have regular hours to follow with them. Cryptocurrency does not follow the same time restrictions as these regular financial systems. One thing that may slow a person’s cryptocurrency use down is if something happened to their internet.



There are many benefits of cryptocurrency. What we listed above is just scratching the surface. That’s not to say that crypto is perfect—it’s not. It is important to study and learn all you can to feel comfortable before diving into the cryptocurrency world. Visit CoinGenie Today!

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