About Us

Bitcoins aren’t a printed currency, like dollars or euros. Bitcoins are a form of digital currency, created and held electronically, in the cloud. No one controls it.

About Us

Founded and Led by an executive team with decades of experience in financial services, CoinGenie’s Bitcoin ATMs grant three essential wishes: convenience, security, and low transaction fees.

We’re adding to our own ATM locations weekly, as well as partnering with participating merchants at thousands of locations across the United States.

With an emphasis on strict regulatory compliance, CoinGenie ensures your transactions are fast and secure.


‘‘’Working at my mother’s store money is extremely tight so low fees are VERY important to me! Coin Genie has some of the lowest fees in the country as well as amazing customer service. Why would I go anywhere else?!’’’

Sunny S.

Gas Station Enthusiast

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I buy Bitcoin at your ATMs?

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